Dough for Dounuts
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Our doctor told us we really should stop buying donuts.  

But HEY lets be honest here...  We LOVE Donuts!!!

Hi, I'm Jelly Filled and this is my beautiful wife Creame.

One thing we have learned in life is that everyone, EVERYONE has a fetish.  For some it is leather for others shopping and others still barking like dogs.  For us it is donuts and not just any donuts but Elvis' favorite that's right the big "KK".

Well it just so happens that like most of the world we have gotten into a bind with the old green back.  Now people in our life have suggested that we stop buying donuts and spend the money elsewhere.  We know they are right.

We started attending a donut anonymous group with other couples who were hooked on donuts also.  Religiously we went and listened to all of the other people's stories of their desires and battles to stop buying donuts.  Each week renewing our promise not to spend any more money on donuts.  We were clean for 2 months when my wife brought up a valid point at a meeting that scattered our little support group to the winds, "If someone else pays for the donut are we really guilty of buying the donut." 





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Thanks For The Dough-nuts!!!